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Nothing complex, just your basic review; intro paragraph, middle description of book, sometimes one to two paragraphs on personal commentary to wrap up. I may go off the yellow brick road sometimes, but not too often. I will usually give basic info about the book up top:

  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Publisher
  • Genre:
  • Country/Time setting (if historical):
  • Date Published:

Rating System

  • Five scoops = lick the bowl clean excellent and highly recommended
  • Four scoops = pretty good, the spoon looks pretty shiny again
  • Three scoops = Not bad, it’s OK – texture’s slightly off maybe
  • Two Scoops = Meh, should have gone with instinct and picked a different flavor
  • One Scoop = Left too long in the freezer, can’t even get the scooper in it – not recommended
  • DNF = Ultimate brain freeze. Your book hurt me, so I stopped reading and tossed it at the wall.

Solicitations for Scrutiny & Other Requests

A.k.a review requests& Promotional Questions

I do not currently accept ARCs or consider review requests unless it’s a book/series/author I’m already highly interested in. This is just my space to record my thoughts on books and related things.

I read/review:

  • romance (historical, paranormal, contemporary)
  • science fiction
  • fantasy

Please note that I do not read/review:

  • Erotic of any kind (including most erotic romance)
  • Thrillers/Suspense
  • Mysteries
  • Women’s fiction/chick lit
  • Non-fiction
  • Self-help type stuff
  • Things That Are Not What is Mentioned Above in What I do Read
  • Your weird “personal products”

Please do not send me any requests/offers to advertise on my site, offers to write guest posts on fertilizers/hair care stuff/the weather, Canadian pill savings, Ruwandan prince-turned-refugee bank account numbers….etc.

Anything of any promotional nature at all book-wise will always be initiated by me.

Updated 10/2/13


  1. I do not have a request but I have a question. I am looking for some recommendations to read. I found you by searching for jr ward info. I found her books by searching for vampire stories after blazing through all of anne rice’s work, which I stumbled upon accidentally about 6 years ago. Although these authors are vastly different in what they write, I enjoy the loyal relationships, self-searching and sex (gotta admit that). Rather than pick an author and hope for the best, I was hoping you could point me in the direction of some authors I might like. I have read, or anyways started, a few of sherilyn kenyons and can’t stand them. I didn’t care that much for lauren hamilton and some other lady writer who writes vampire stories whose name I can’t recall. I recently read Nightkeepers, which was good enough (to me) but not great and Midnight Rising, which I left in a hotel room on purpose when I was done with it. A friend gave me a Lisa Kleypas book which of course was not paranormal but I enjoyed the writing well enough (too romancy and not life-lessony enough in the end though). I have also read Sebastian and the next book in the series, Beladona. Both ok, but not quite enough to make me love them. I love Diana Gabaldon, but way too much detail. So, does this give you any idea of authors I might like to look into?

    Thanks for your time and insight.

    marilyn (dog trainer, dog day care owner, 3 kitty owner, dark chocolate lover, starbucks groupie and, thank god, not toddler toting friend out there in cyber space)

  2. Marilyn, sorry for the late response. I think the weekends come and some kind of strange temporal time sucking thing happens and before we know it it’s Monday again. :)

    Lara Adrian’s books, not sure if you’ve read all of them or just the fourth book you mention here, but so far (of the ones I’ve read) Kiss of Crimson has been my favorite. IMO, it far surpassed the first book.

    You may have seen it, but the last review I did was for Larissa Ione’s Pleasure Unbound, first in a new series. LOVED it. It’s more about demons than vampires, although you’ll see vampires mentioned and the hero of the 3rd book (out in April 2009), Wraith, is part vampire and part incubus demon.

    If you’re looking specifically for vampire romances I have to be honest and say I just do not know personally of very many good ones. I’ve not had the time in the last two or so years to read as much as I’d like and Ward’s brotherhood books had been filling my wants for a vampire series, till Lover Enshrined. So I’m inthe market for a new vamp series myself *grin*.

    You could try Kresley Cole’s Immortal After Dark series if you haven’t already. A Hunger Like No Other is the first and I absolutely loved it. I’ve had a bit of a rough time getting into the other books, but you may like them a lot and there’s something like five books out already. These again have a mix of demons, Valkyrie heroines, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc.

    I’ve heard very good things about Christine Warren’s “Others” series. Can’t remember the name of the first, but Amazon should be able to clue you into the first book, or you can look up her website.

    I absolutely adore Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan/Hallows series. Her site is bookmarked under Heart the Authors on the left. It’s urban fantasy instead of romance, but not one of those books has disappointed me yet. Heroine is an earth witch.

    Another wonderful and recent discovery for me was Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, Magic Bites and Magic Burns. Again, urban fantasy, but very different. I’ve got a double review for them, just plug the titles into the search above, or the author’s name.

    I would also encourage you to check out other reviews for any of these titles you might be interested in. Too, I hope there’s IS something here you might like. Feel free to ask again if there’s anything more specific you can think of. Anything I didn’t specify otherwise is a romance or romance series.

    I would also check out some of the links on the right in my Heart the Blog column, especially Love Vampires. That’s all they review.

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  4. I’m the promotions manager and a partner at Accomplice Press. We are a small independent, boutique-style publisher. I see that you are no longer taking ARCs but are still open to author self promotion. Currently, I am compiling a comprehensive list of sites where our authors can post guest pieces or be interviewed. Are there any genres that you are NOT interested in promoting?

    At the moment, I’m especially interested in romance based sites because of our new Curvalicious line. These novella length romances will showcase plus-size heroines. Our curvy main characters will be strong, inspirational women who are beautiful, sexy and intelligent. They will always get the man of their dreams without losing weight or changing who they are on the outside.

    We are hosting a writing competition, which began on Valentine’s Day to find the next Curvalicious author. I’m looking for creative ways to get the word out to readers and potential authors. Please feel free to contact me if you would be open to featuring a guest blog about the Curvalicious writing competition. I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Karen Jones

  5. I learn something new on various blogs everyday. It is always stimulating to see content of other writers and learn a little something from them. Thank you for sharing.

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