This page is dedicated to graphics I’ve done for either my blog or others. Just a fun way to get the creative energy out and exercised. If you’re interested in having me do something for you, you’re welcome to contact me. I can’t guarantee I’ll have time for your project when you contact me, but if it’s something I do feel I can help you with I’ll do my best to give you a hand. In the meantime, got an opinion on anything you see? I’d love to hear what you think.

All the work here is custom done and copywrited. Please ask permission in the comments section below before using in any way, or again, contact me via email. Thanks!


  1. K, I always love your buttons, banners, and headers, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one you just made and is on your blog right now with the castle and the blimp. It is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Christine! I’d been contemplating a steampunk one. Took a while to find some photos that would work.

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  3. So you’re the magic behind all the awesome graphics over at the Book Smugglers! Wow, your work is just beautiful.

    • Thank you! :) They have such great ideas and it’s allowed me to do some really fun work for them. I’ve been lucky they’ve asked me to do them.

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