Romance reading enthusiast, general lover of puppies and kitty kats, dark chocolate snatcher, writing playgirl, coffee luvah, chai latte chuggah, kidlet toting mama of one plus marriage credentials.

Romance reading is a decadent indulgence, and once upon a time, it became almost a lost art in my house. This is me, reclaiming the excitement of opening, absorbing and reporting back on an insanely tasty scoop of romance. Occasionally, we all come across a flavor that doesn’t quite sit well on the taste buds, and you’ll see some of that here too. For the most part though, romance is the spice of my reading life – and it’s almost always lick the bowl clean tasty.

I also sport a little fantasy and scifi readage from time to time and young adult as well. Viva la book overload.

I’m a Southern-U.S.-born, yet not-quite-raised gal, with parents that hailed from the West and the North. I hate humid hot weather and usually can’t wait for winter when that and the bugs go away. Currently, life is divided between work, family and the moments when I get to read and tell you all about it, as well as cook and feature recipes on my food blog.

Contact Me

Email: contactlurv AT lurvalamode DOT com, or click here for a handy contact form

Twitter: http://twitter.com/KMont


Anything I positively endorse on Lurv is simply my opinion. ARCs are occasionally provided to me through authors, publicists or publishers. Never have I been expected by any of them to provide a strictly positive review in exchange for compensation, nor have I been offered or would ever take compensation for said reviews. I buy most of the books reviewed here and will always adhere to a high standard of honesty when reviewing a book, whether that opinion is positive or less than positive.

Your Privacy

If you win a contest here, I will ask for your name and address to send you and prize, or I may be forwarding your email address on to a publicist in charge of distributing prizes. Please be assured that I will never give away your private information to anyone other than who it is intended for, and I will never reveal your address or real name to anyone. Unless the police are involved and you’re some kind of criminal, but I seriously doubt that will ever be the case.

Giveaway/Contest Rules

For a long time I didn’t have set-in-stone contest rules. I usually contacted the winners and didn’t have a set time for them to respond back. I’ve decided to change that up. Going forward, these basic rules will apply to all contests and giveaways:

1. Winners will need to contact me with their information via the email address I provide at the time of the contest.

2. Winners will have one week from the time their names are announced on the blog, which will be either in the original contest post or in a new one all its own.

3. If winners do not contact me within a week with their information, I will redraw a new winner.

A Few Expectations

There are a few recurring post themes you will see popping up here at Lurv, though in no particular order or schedule. Besides book reviews, occasionally we’ll have:

  • Book Reviews: Self explanatory enough. I do ones for books I purchase myself as well as ARC reviews which are typically provided in either electronic or print format by a publisher or author. I may request the book to review or the author/publisher may contact me for a review as well. At this time I’ve discontinued ARC reviews unless from the list I’m subscribed to through Penguin or ones I get via Amazon Vine or NetGalley. I will resume my ARC policy for authors when I feel I’ve got the time.
  • Books I Say NO To: Occasionally I might talk specifically about books that I don’t like the sound of from the blurbs, or it might be a post on a DNF – Did Not Finish – book.
  • Books With Balls: Books that I read and reviewed, and found to be particularly daring.
  • Random Scoops – These will be any topics, always book related (so far), that happen to leap frog to the forefront of my brain. I had no plans to make it a blog post, but it’s there, leaping around and snatching at other ideas in my head, so I’d better get it in a post before it drives me crazy. Hopefully in the end, random scoops make sense and don’t cause too much snoring.
  • Nostalgia Lane – I love to revisit authors or books that put reading on my life plan map. Reading, as you can tell, is major important in my life and it’s simply fun to remember what got me to where I’m at reading-wise today.
  • RetroLurv Reviews – In the spirit of Nostalgia Lane, I decided to revisit old reviews I’d written, prior to this blog’s inception. Call it narcissistic if you will, but I like to look back and see how my review writing style has changed or maybe not changed. Too, it’s wonderful to see how my reading preferences have changed over the years. You never know – an older read might spark interest in an author again.
  • Hump Day Bonus! – Wednesdays aren’t called Hump Day for nuthin’. They really can be the doldrums stepchild of any given person’s work week. I think those days call for freebies and preferably reading freebies. Authors, especially the paranormal ones, can be very generous with their talents. Hopefully these posts will entertain and lift your never ending Wednesdays.
  • The Art of Books – I hope this continues to be a recurring post theme here. I considered at one time pursuing a book cover design career and have a deep, abiding love for beautifully rendered/painted/you name it art. I particularly love fantasy and scifi art we find on book covers. To me, a beautiful book cover can be savored as wantonly as the story inside.
  • LurvViews – These are interviews with authors whose books have either caught my interest or whose books I will be reviewing. It could be as intimate and cozy as a lazy, back porch get together or as precise and frank as news article. It all depends on the author interviewed and how they answer the questions.
  • Polls – I will occasionally hold a poll for readers to vote on, always posted at the top right of the right-hand column. I introduce each poll in a post, so if you’re confused about any polls you see, try a search of the blog to read more on why I’m doing it. Or click the comments link if one is provided!
  • Year of the Category – New addition for 2009, whereby I introduce myself to the wide variety found in category romance books and read and review one a month. To be announced as a blogger reading challenge.
  • Cover/NEW Author Spotlight: Pretty much as it sounds. I’ll post on either several covers/blurbs for upcoming books or I might feature one new and exciting author and their debut effort.
  • Watch List: Where I talk about upcoming books that haven’t hit the shelves yet. These will filter off as I finish the remaining ARCs I have, but may pick back up if/when I decide to do ARCs again.
  • Year of the Historical: New addition for 2010, where I try to do a better job of being a reading challenge hostess. Books featured this time will be historical fiction of any kind, straight, romance (even paranormal), erotic, etc. If it takes place in some kind of historical context, it’s game. To be announced as a blogger reading challenge.
  • Year of the Fantasy: This will be a new reading challenge for 2012 where classic fantasy books will be on the reading table. I’m looking forward to some new challenges as well as old favorites, such as A Wrinkle in Time.
Updated October 2, 2013


  1. I know you were interested in my texture book via your post on Amazon.com Well I just wanted to let you know that I have posted a new set of textures on my art blog http://snipurl.com/2lfzt that include full-color source photos with each one. I know you wanted that so on this set I provided those.


  2. Christine, thank you! Felt it was time for a change and it’s so much fun to do something creative just for me sometimes.

  3. I’ve found your page looking for things similiar to what my friends and I like. Thanks for having a fun page. I check it all the time. and I have even picked up a few of your books you’ve recommended.

  4. Rowan, I’m sorry for not replying sooner. I have a slow brain at times.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know you enjoy the blog! I hope the books I’ve pimped turn out to be enjoyable for you. Let me know, either way, how they were for you. :) I’m always up for differing opinions or discussion on books.

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  8. Hey Lurv!

    I just ran across your blog and decided to contact you about my new philanthropic organization called Gone Reading International.

    We market a line of gifts for readers and donate 100% of company profits to fund new libraries in the developing world. You can read more about us at http://www.GoneReading.com.

    Any chance you can mention us in your blog???

    We’re finding that readers love what we’re doing, but spreading the word on a philanthropic budget is a challenge! Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance for your time.



    P.S. If doing a simple link swap works better for you, that’s certainly fine by me. Just let me know!

    • Brad, it might be because I’m still tired and sore and grumpy from being woken awake by my child walking on me in my bed, but what you’re doing feels like spamming. I have an email contact for people with stuff like this, and I even occasionally check it. If you bothered to read my blog policy, you’d be able to see that I’m not doing any promo anyway.

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