Lurv’s Essential (And Even Longer!) List of Fantasy Movies

Oh, yeah, I’d meant to get this up a while ago but a dinosaur kind of ate my hands and then a talking monkey took my computer and…well actually I’ve just been busy doing non-bloggerly things, I suppose. Like watching seasons 1 & 2 of Dexter! And apparently watching Game of Thrones on HBO screw up the gender dynamics of the books royally (This, I do not totally agree with. At all). And baking things! And sleeping (though not enough)! And attempting a summer garden with two black thumbs! And thinking about starting an actual velvet pumpkin business! Good grief! Also apparently compiling a ridiculously long gallery “list” of favorite fantasy movies. Should be interesting to see what I forgot this time.

In no particular order, these are the fantasy movies I’ve enjoyed most over the years. Some are “serious” fantasy movies (Lord of the Rings, etc.), some are pure campy fun (Big Trouble in Little China, anyone?) and others are pure classics (Big with Tom Hanks – can’t ever watch it enough!). Some are also so incredibly sad I probably won’t ever watch them again – Pan’s Labyrinth for example. It’s like a knife to the heart, but an exquisitely beautiful one, too, visually.

And here it is, folks a visual list, once again, of favorite movies, but this time with a more fantastical persuasion…

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  1. How about X-Men? Avengers? Iron Man? The Princess Bride? Up? Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Aladdin? Hellboy? Princess Mononoke? Castle in the Sky? The Croods?

    (obviously, I need to start my own list :) )

    • Sorry for the late reply! And thank you so much for reminding me about Princess Bride. Gonna go smack the shit out of myself for forgetting that one, be right back.

      I have not seen Princess Mononoke, but I’ve had it on load from a very patient friend forever. Maybe tonight’s the night!! And I hate to say it almost, but no and no to those current super hero movies. A few of them have been amusing at times, but if this were a “what would you take on a raft on the ocean with you” type thing, they would be the first to get tossed over.

      I would love to see your own list, though, I probably forgot something else!

    • LOL! Wait, is that bad? :D

      I know, it’s mostly the stuff we grew up with, isn’t it?

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