Lurv’s Essential (And Long) SciFi Movie List

I was briefly discussing scifi movies on Twitter with a couple of friends and after noting that I feel Hollywood does a mostly terrible job with the genre, one of my friends expressed surprise at this. She briefly listed some of her favorites, and I had to admit that, sure, there are definitely some good ones. I stand by my sentiment that there are plenty of bad ones, though. Keeping subjectivity in mind, I decided to amass a list of some of my most favorite/notable scifi movies I’ve enjoyed over the years. It’s a big list. A long list. Maybe too long. But at least it’s a graphical list, so yay for the eyeballs.

I don’t feel any of these movies are perfect (what movie could be, except for perhaps the original Star Wars series before they went back and added that ridiculous Haden Christensen to the damn ending of Return of the Jedi whyyyyyyy sob stabby sob) but I enjoy them all for varying reasons. Starship Troopers for its campy, over-the-top-ness. Kirk and Spock saving the whales in Star Trek: The Voyage Home and, hence, humanity. And I love “natural disaster” weather movies, so The Day After Tomorrow gets a mention as well. Don’t judge me. I’ve got my don’t care meter turned up to plaid.

In no particular order…and I cheated and made them all into a gallery (graphical, yo), so yay for space saving! I feel like I’m forgetting something obvious, though. What are some of your essentials/favorites when it comes to scifi movies?

An Essential Fantasy Movie List coming soon!

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  1. No “Matrix”? I thought the first one was made of awesome, but the other two, not so much… And what about “Men in Black”? I enjoyed “The Last Starfighter”, too, though it’s been years since I saw it, so perhaps my fondness might not survive a rewatch :-)

    • I thought briefly about Matrix, but honestly I could do without it lol. But. It’s not the worst thing ever, so it would probably get a re-watching over others. :D

      thanks for the reminder on Men in Black! See, I knew I was forgetting something.

    • Azteclady, I think I remember Frequency, though I’ve never watched it. And thanks for the reminder on the monster sickness/biohazard..ish subgenre! :D

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