So Long Goodreads, Hello BookLikes

I’m not going to rehash the whole sordid Goodreads debacle. Most if not all of you are already aware of their clear new direction moving away from a reader-friendly site. I haven’t deleted my account there (I tend to hold on to accounts for a little while, just-in-case type of thing), but I’ve decided after contemplating about it for a week or so that I no longer desire to aid Goodreads by adding content to their site. This isn’t easy. I mainly used the site to help me keep track not just of what books I’ve read, but any notes (status updates) I left on them. Since I tend to forget details too easily when reading, I used their status updates function to remind me of highs and lows of books, for review purposes. Beyond that I’d occasionally interact with fellow readers, and I’d come to enjoy talking to them there. While the drama that could take place there wasn’t always easy to ignore, I also appreciated that Goodreads wasn’t trying to silence the community overall. Like many, I too want to know if an author is being a legitimate douche canoe to readers. I don’t wish to inadvertently support them. Now Goodreads has something in common with them!

Funnily enough, about a week after Goodreads went after certain people, deleting their content without any prior warning, I got an email from Goodreads, asking me on a typical scale of 0 to 10, how likely was I to recommend their site to a friend. My answer, a big fat DUH ON YOU ZERO:

Duh, Goodreads, DUHI decided today to try out BookLikes and I’m hoping they’ll soon add a notes or status update feature similar to the one on Goodreads (with a correspnding Kindle Fire app) so I can get back in my reading comfort zone. So far they seem worlds above Goodreads in customer service, but in all honesty anyone might at the point when one of your favorite book sites seems to have utterly betrayed a trust. So we shall see! You can find me at BookLikes here.

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  1. I’ll be honest, I pretty much only use Goodreads as a tracker & review tool. I don’t really participate in any communities so to speak so I have been luck in avoiding much of the drama I hear about. I am curious if you have tried Shelfari at all? I

  2. I haven’t used Shelfari…at least I don’t believe so lol. I want to say before Goodreads even, I tried out Library Thing for a bit, but it didn’t grab me or anything. I do like BookLikes for the most part so far, they just really need that status update/notes feature to be perfect for me. From what I’ve gathered and seen over the last week or more, they’re listening to suggestions, so hopefully they might implement some useful new features soon.

    I just checked out Shelfari, too, amidst replying to you, and it looks OK. I didn’t see anything about a notes-specific feature there either, or I might already have an account lol.

    I tended to avoid participating in any drama on Goodreads (with only an occasional stop at some to leave incredulous remarks), but I decided I just can’t support a site that clearly isn’t on the side of readers and would choose to do what they’ve recently done. If they were to reverse their stance one day, I might go back.

  3. For my purposes, LibraryThing is more than enough, and I paid $25 long ago to have unlimited, life long subscription, so as long as amazon doesn’t become the majority shareholder, I’m staying there.

    Then again, it’s a cataloging place, not a social place–which GoodReads purported to be. From what I see around (Dear Author has a few notes and links, both in posts and comments) BookLikes it’s poised to kick GR’s ass sky high, with very little actual effort. Let’s hope they value readers as much in ten years as they do now!

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