ARC REVIEW: Midnight Blue-Light Special

Seanan mcguire
Midnight-blue light special(Incryptid #2)
Urban Fantasy
march 5, 2013

I wasn’t going to offer up excuses as to why this review is so late but since I got food poisoning the weekend I intended to finally get my review up – excuses, you can has them!

Seriously, I have been pretty out of it with some of the worst allergy/sinus attacks and infections in a while. Then I had an allergic reaction to my allergy medication. Then this past weekend I had my first ever food poisoning experience – never again, thank you very much – and I literally threw my hands up and said fuck it. None of this kind of crap puts anyone in a good frame of mind, let alone someone trying to write up a book review. So this review’s gonna suck, just be warned.

I have to lay something else on the table right away and be honest. I didn’t enjoy this second installment in the Incryptid series as much as the first. That is what I’ve struggled with the most and I really didn’t want to say that. This book has been on my mind more than any other in the last month or so because of it. It’s one thing to be disappointed in a book in a newly beloved series, it’s another to have to go on your blog then and actually say it.

When we ended with book one, I suppose I had built up expectations for this book without even realizing it. It was pretty much a given that some kind of showdown between Verity and the Covenant would happen. While it does in Midnight Blue-Light Special (I missed the significance of this title, too…what did that mean?), I was disappointed in how it all goes down. What kept nagging at me after a certain point, a third of the way through or so, was that this was reading like a mid-series placeholder. The plot and action felt predictable. There was the moment here and there that I laughed or enjoyed a scene, but for the most part it felt like I was reading something entirely different. There was a big disconnect for me this time and it was really weird not to be able to get past that.

The part that I especially struggled with in the book though, was when the POV switch to Verity’s cuckoo cousin, Sarah. I think one reason is, this is when something particularly dangerous (and therefore interesting) just happens to Verity, then we’re whipped to another POV entirely with Sarah. Sarah was also, unfortunately, someone I could just not get into at first. It took quite a while of reading her POV to feel any kind of connection to her. I don’t know if this was intentional with the cuckoo nature as it is, and that was trying to be conveyed, or…what. I was relieved when we finally got back to Verity’s POV.

I still love me some Aeslin mice, so HAIL! to them. I still enjoyed Verity as the heroine and she definitely goes through some character-growing stages in this one, so there’s that to appreciate about her. Dominic is almost a non entity this time, and while there’s a scene or two and it’s understandable why he’s mostly absent from the page time, it was a little boring without him. Scenes with other Incryptid characters from book one felt almost forced as they and Verity try to prepare for whatever’s coming.

I also wish that the pace had picked up a lot more and that I’d been able to gel better with whatever this installment was trying to do. I’m still on board for the next one, because the ending leaves things as though big changes are in the making. Maybe those changes will once again lead me on an entertaining route. I’m willing to give it another go to see.

Rating: No clue

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