Doctor Who Has Hijacked My Life

Hello, KMont here, reporting from the TARDIS! (I wish.) I haven’t been reading much lately. After a year (so far) of DNFing lots of books and just not enjoying many others I did finish or being mind numbingly bored by ones I can’t seem to give up on, I finally found something I can get behind. The Doctor. Doctor Who, that is.

Yes, up until about two weeks ago I was a Doctor Who un-watcher. I’d heard about the show but any attempts to actually watch a current episode on TV left me confused and not a little disoriented. I did what I usually do when I’m infinitely confuzzled – I dismissed the hell out of Doctor Who and meanwhile had the nerve to whine about how there’s no great sci-fi shows or movies happening anymore. Or, not enough of them, rather. Because I stand corrected and I’m not sure how I ever went without the Doctor till now.

I’ve never been a huge follower of drama TV shows other than the occasional HBO original (hello, Game of Thrones) series. I also can’t get a consistent time in to watch TV anyway between a kidlet who believes all programming should involve annoying yellow square-shaped characters with nasally tones and a husband who watches football with some kind of religious fervor. Recently I decided to check out the TV side of the free-for-Prime members TV selection on my Kindle Fire. The free movies are OK, there are a few decent options. But the TV shows? Wow, I had no idea such a killer selection was right at my fingertips! I’d been discussing where to start on Dr. Who with folks on Twitter for some time now, which season and all. When I saw all seasons of the revamped (beginning in 2005) Doctor Who, most of which are FREE, on my Kindle, I felt like I’d won the rainbow-fueled, chocolate-covered jackpot


Some fans warned me that some Doctors were better than others – you’ll know what I mean by that when you watch the shows. No spoilers here. Just gushing. Lots of lovey dovey gushing and other such effusiveness. I have only gotten through one and half seasons of the new, revamped Dr. Who series but I am LOVING IT ALL. I absolutely loved Christopher Eccleston and miss him as the Doctor but David Tennant is spectacular in his own ways, too. Billie Piper as Rose is usually adorable and I really like her, though I am already tired of her being the damsel in distress too often as well as making TSTL type mistakes that are obviously meant to land them in Troubleville. She’s a good actress, though and I love the chemistry between her and both Doctors so far.

Other great actors are making guest appearances all the time, one of my favorite actresses actually appearing in one of my favorite Dr. Who episodes so far: Sophia Myles as Reinette /Madame De Pompadour in The Girl in the Fireplace (Season 2, Ep. 4). I’ve recognized the faces of many other guests on the show so far, which makes it all the more fun.

The budget for the show is obviously bigger than I assumed when seeing out-of-context scenes off and on ages ago, but there are still some aspects that are uber cheesy and a little low-budget. And I love that, too. It’s campy at times but it knows it is. Other times it is actually pretty exceptional with the special effects and beautiful locations and costumes. (Think Season 2, Ep. 2, Tooth and Claw for gorgeous Scotland scenery as well as actresses Michelle Duncan and Pauline Collins (Ahhhhh, Shirley Valentine!!!) and actor Ian Hanmore of Game of Thrones fame. And the very cool creature!)

Britain and the BBC – you rock for having and producing one of the best TV series ever. I mean, I’m already a fan of the BBC for other productions, but this is like geek crack icing on a spectacular British island-shaped cake.

I can’t wait to get home to watch more of it. And when I get there I can’t wait to put kidlet to bed – to watch more of it cuz I have not been able to yet before that. And then I can’t wait to shove a football game on TV at hubby so I can stare at another Dr. Who episode. No don’t talk to me about football I am concentrating and enjoying and obsessed kthxBAI.

Whew. So that’s what I’ve been doing. Very little reading, aka, a reading break, and as much Dr. Who as I can stuff into my eyeballs and brain as possible. As a result I’m having very weird dreams these last two weeks, but it’s worth it.

I can’t believe I took the time to write this post, though, instead of actually watching more Doctor Who. If you’ve got a Kindle Fire, you, like me, have no more excuses – watch Doctor Who now! (You can also watch the free episodes directly on Amazon if you have a Prime membership, any of them actually, though some of the latest seasons might be paid only ATM) And if you don’t, seeing it whatever way you choose is absolutely worth it.

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  1. Hehe, congratulations on seeing the light! I’m a latecomer to the new Doctor Who myself (always loved classic Doctor, though) and only recently caught up with it and finished watching Season Six, so I’m primed for the start of Season Seven on Saturday now, and very excited because this will be the first time I will actually be watching the shows as they released rather and hence completely un-spoiled.
    While Tennant is absolutely brilliant, I think Matt Smith makes an even better doctor, he has just the right measure of nerdiness and implied threat and he is an utter delight to watch with children.
    You’re in for quite a ride there (but I figure you know that by now) and I wish you lots of fun watching all the episodes!

  2. Ummm, and looking back at my previous comment, I feel I should apologise for the excess of typos and omitted words – seems I got a bit carried away by my own enthusiasm there. :P (Did I mention that I am really excited about the start of Season Seven on Saturday?)

    • No worries on the typos, Heloise! I think we put too much pressure on folks to be perfect all the time when using correct grammar anyway. I mean, it’s, yes, comments on things we’re really excited about! I think we can forgive a few typos. ;)

      I am hearing more and more what a great Doctor Smith is! I can’t wait to catch up to him. Have loads of fun with the upcoming season! I’ll probably not catch up to it in time, but thank goodness for streaming on my Kindle then!

  3. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH. I am so happy !! : )

    and I can’t wait for you to get to the Matt Smith run and then meet the Ponds. And River Song. RIVER SONG.

    • I’m trying hard to get there, Ana! I’m trying to watch at least two episodes a night, but it’s hard work. :D Really awesome, hard work lol.

  4. I’m so proud of you!! My husband got me into Doctor Who – he started MANY years ago, and has watched all the episodes from back before I was born!! I LOVE the re-boot. It is absolutely amazing.
    May I also suggest Torchwood? (although I am not a huge fan now that it has come to America)…
    Also, um, did you watch the BBC Sherlock? Please say you have!!!!

    Also, like Ana said…. RIVER SONG!!!!! :D

    • I did watch the STARZ/American version of Torchwood and I actually really liked it! They have all the other Torchwood seasons on Amazon as well so I think that’ll be next. :D I haven’t watched the BBC Sherlock yet, though, but I’ll look it up now!

      • AHHH!! I can’t wait to see what you think of Sherlock… And if you go back and watch the BBC Torchwood, I’m curious what your opinion on the US will be then ;)

  5. Woohoo, another Whovian! I actually only started watching Doctor Who last year, but I am totally wrapped up in this show now. Like, crying at the end of every episode because it’s so beautiful level of wrapped up.

    Are you going to watch the season premier this Saturday?

    • I probably won’t watch the season premier because I want to get all caught up – don’t think I’ll be able to in time! :( Totally agree that each episode is wrapped up so well!

  6. Yes, yes, yes!!! I love those show. SO HARD.

    I have to admit, I have been a bit turned off by the guy who becomes the Doctor after Tennant (spacing out on his name at the moment).

    Also, you probably will want to know this since I didn’t find out until my roommate told me after I had stomped around with torches and pitchforks, but the transition from the seasons (4 to 5, I believe?) where we go from Tennant to the new Doc has a movie that isn’t really “part” of the season and goes over what happened. You might have to find it separately from the S1, S2, S3, etc, stuff.


    • Do you mean Matt Smith, who plays the current Doctor? I’ve got a ways to go yet before getting to his incarnation of the Doctor.

      And Amazon lists a few David Tennant specials, maybe those are what your roommate meant? I will watch it ALL. :D

      • I assume that Jess is referring to the Christmas Specials which used to (apparently they are going to do things differently this season) be placed in between seasons. Also, the last season of David Tennant was somewhat irregular and consisted of a couple of Specials (forget how many) instead of regular episodes. In either case, they are definitely not to be missed. ;)

        • I think I did see some Christmas specials on the Amazon streaming page. I’ll be sure to watch them!

  7. I love Doctor Who. My daughters love Doctor Who. The opening date of this new season was met by serious squeeeing. And possibly a little peeing. Just a little.
    Also, happy bouncing.

  8. I am also a newcomer to the Doctor…I started with Matt Smith and haven’t seen any of the others yet. But I am looking forward to eventually watching all the incarnations I can find! And yes, strange dreams are a common side effect of the Doctor! Enjoy and thanks for the fun post.

    • I have no idea how going backwards from MAtt Smith will effect how you see the other Doctors, but I really hope you enjoy them! Season 2 especially has some really lovely episodes, but the first (revamped series) Doctor, Eccleston, was so good IMO.

  9. Same as you : I first watched a few episodes here and there, and was left so confused I decided I didn’t like it. Then, after I spent a couple weeks whining I couldn’t find anything good to watch, a friend gently forced me to watch it from season one of the newly revamped show. I almost instantly fell in love. Hee!

    • You’re a Doctor Who fan, too! Yay! I’ve slowed down a little while watching Season 4 – not enough time in last week. Still loving it all, though! :D

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