Cover Spotlight: Sins of the Demon

Oh yes.

I’m so there on January 3, 2012.

Charlain Harris said “nifty” on the cover. I just noticed that.

Whatever happened to more exciting descriptors, like rawrtagious action and glorious sex?

Anyway – rawwrr! Can’t wait.

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  1. …Wow. That is an awesome cover. I’m going to need to give this series a shot. I really liked her White Trash Zombie book. :)

    • I looove *this* series, but I haven’t checked out the zombie one yet. Glad you liked it! Did you do a review yet? I’ll go look-see soon.

  2. January is too, too, too far away! And shouldn’t it be Cover Spotlight: SINS of the Demon ? It was a long day at work and I started off soooo confused, White Trash Zombie is high on the TBR list.

    • You are SO right. Can we blame my fever I’ve been fighting today? Thanks for pointing it out!! I’m such a doofus – my new fave name for myself.

  3. I love this series so much. It’s so smartly written, no TSTL, interesting and fleshed-out characters all the way around. I wish more people were reading this series. I’m so glad the covers switched from the YA-ish looking ones to these awesome covers.

    • You know…I liked the old covers, too, but you’re right, they really did look YA-is. Huh!

      Totally agree on all your praise for the books. *g*

  4. I would just like to be able to buy Diana Rowland’s e-books in Australia. The last one is not available and the previous one comes without a cover at all because obviously they messed up their rights for images arrangements. I actually emailed the author asking when the book would be available here and she gave me some rigmarole about agency publishers. As if I had never heard of geographic restrictions and territorial agreements. So this is just a tease… :) :(

    • Merrian, I’m so sorry you’re having trouble getting her books! Is it possible to order from somewhere like Book Depository? I want to say I’ve shipped book prizes there via them before.

  5. If I wanted paper books I could, but e-books are what I want because I don’t want to walk through towering piles of books in my tiny apartment and wait for them to fall and squash me. I estimate that I have around 2,500 books living with me in my one bed apartment add in the craft projects and the vintage clothing and you might get an idea about one of the many reasons to love e-books.

    • Ah, Ok then. I totally get the space issue, not much room for me either, and I have a much bigger house. Books multiply like rabbits. I just cannot get behind ebooks completely though until they sort out the whole messy geo restrictions problem and other probs that come with them. Although, I say that and am thinking about trading my Sony Reader in for a Kindle. o.O

  6. The cover gives me pause. It brings to mind tentacles and the model’s pose is so reminiscent of some ahem not appropriate for all ages manga that I stumbled across on the net once. But I do like the author. She wrote a vampire series, did she not?

    • Hmmm, I’m not familiar with any vampire books by this author. I thought book one in this particular series was her debut, but I could be wrong.

      LOL on the tentacles. So funny what sticks with us. :D No pun intended. Or maybe intended.

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