Lurv Looks Back: July 2011

Well, we’re over that halfway mark in the year, folks. Hope it’s been a good one for everyone. Cheers. Rah rah. Other excited noise.

I didn’t do a very good job of paying attention to the Blogosphere this past month. In fact, I didn’t do a very good job of paying attention to my own blog. Just been picking up the books and trying to find interesting ones to read for the most part. This happened a little, but not a lot and certainly, still, not enough for me. I’m greedy like that. Also, grumpy like that. And demandypants like that. On to the links.

Fair Share – Track Yur Stuff

One thing that caught my attention most recently was The Book Vixen linking a helpful tool via Twitter. Fair Share allows you to track where your site’s content is being used – whether fairly or not, and helps you apply a license/guide for how you do or don’t want your site’s material used. We all know that stolen book reviews are an ongoing problem int he Blogosphere, so this is one way you can keep aware of how your content is being used. And it’s free. Thanks, Book Vixen, for pointing this helpful tool out!

Fairy Tale Boom

LizUK of the blog My Favourite Books did an interesting article on Fairy Tales in Popular Media. From what I understand, there will be a follow-up to this article sometime in the near future. July was also MFB’s annual Under 14’s Only book event, so head over to see what that’s all about (gratuitous yet totally and admittedly self-prompted promo – I did their banner) and mark your calendars for the event next year.

Gratuitous Alcoholic Link

This has nothing to do with books (unless you make some and have them while reading or at a book event – hmmm), but Katiebabs said she saw this and thought of me, awwww. JELL-O Fruit Shots – JELL-O shots that are made to look like citrus slices. Fun!

How To Apply Those JELL-O Shots

Now, for every article about books that pisses off a large number of people this month, munch one of those JELL-O slices! Go go go! This NYT article suggests banning books. I don’t care if it’s a joke or not, not sure if it is, but what a douchebag thing to say.

The Fourth Kind Wall

Over at Dear Author this month, I was just fascinated by this post from Robin, aka, Janet, on a term called The Fourth Wall, and how she felt author Lori Foster broke it with her latest romance release. Also interesting to me was the very last link in the comments section (at time of my writing this up), proving indeed that Foster (via her own words) did what Robin felt she’d done, which was to speak directly to readers as herself, through her heroine, about some negative feedback she’d gotten for her book My Man Michael.

This form of authorial interference in a book isn’t for me. As Katiebabs pointed out on Twitter – Anita Blake, anyone? Totally.

Hogwarts Bound

Some lucky ducks got to go to Hogwarts! Check it out over at Floor to Ceiling Books. Ana of The Book Smugglrs got to go as well, here’s her breakdown of the event.

The Bobcats

I’m trying to think up at least one link every month for us all to laugh at ( I mean, BESIDES the NYT article above), and this month it’s The Bobcats over at The Oatmeal. You may require a prior appreciation of cats in all their hellish glory to fully app these comic strips – but then again, you may not. I just love them, my evil cackle meter rises exponentially every time I reread them. It’s done wonders for my reputation at work.

I’m buying the official Bobcats mug as soon as my Frivolous Fundage comes through. 

Oh man, it’s on sale (at time of this doodling)! *click* Purchase made. Now my morning coffee will be even MOAR fun. (It’s actually here already, came after I wrote this up. I giggle all the time while drinking coffee now. Guess I’d better be careful with that. Might choke.)

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  1. Ooo, wrap-up.

    A) I hope you start finding books you generally enjoy. Via the magic of Twitter I’ve been able to see how hard it’s been for you, reading-wise, so I hope something comes along to break your reading funk =P

    B) Those Jello shots are awesome. Must make.

    C) Thanks so much for that link on Foster and the 4th wall. Not only was it a fascinating discussion but it was so AWESOME to read an entire thread that, aside from one frustrated bad apple, was an entirely civil, well done discussion by several people on a topic that could potentially be fodder for a flame war.

    • Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement. :) Maybe I ought to just be glad of the ones I *have* read and enjoyed.

      The 4th wall post was soooo interesting. I fould myself going back to it over and over.

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