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You know you still have your appreciation of reading and reader’s mojo intact when you receive book presents in the mail from awesome friends…and you immediately want to lick the books.

I can’t be the only one who’s ever hugged a book that arrived in the mail like it was their long lost bestie and then almost licked it. I only refrained because I was at work and it was early and I didn’t want ribbing about it for an entire day. Now, if it had been an hour left before leave time – yeah, I’d have licked it!

Maybe I’ll lick this book when I get home tonight:

You may not know it, and you might, but I’m a HUGE Kim Harrison fan. Colossal. Her Rachel Morgan series has been my most favorite reading choice for the last several years. I gorge on her words and just can’t get enough of these books.

She signed it.

One good turn deserves another.

Classic Rachel Morgan speak! Ahhhhhhhh! *hugs book* *again*

It is my most fervent reader wish to meet Harrison one day and have my thirty seconds of allotted time saying everything I feel for her books, how happy they’ve made me. Without, hopefully, sounding like a deranged idiot. I’ll shoot for only mildly so should it ever happen.

Eeeeeeeeeee! *ahem*

There was even a fantabulous extra goody, a conference badge for the Witch’s Annual Business Conference, which Rachel attends in Pale Demon.

I’m flipping out in total reader dorkdom!

I also received a lovely signed copy of Thea Harrison’s Dragon Bound – roowwrr! A totally awesome, wonderful paranormal romance whose sequel I thirst for. There were even some of her romance trading cards, which I was psyched to get since they’re the rage right now. They’re super cute and very nice quality card stock paper, with descriptions of each book’s hero and heroine on the backs.

I owe a huge thanks to my wonderful friend, Hilcia at Impressions of a Reader for sending me the books! She attended the RWA Literacy Signing in New York City this year, an event I so need to attend one day. A huge room filled with tons of authors and books – bliss!

I am a happy reading pony!

How do you celebrate when your love of reading gets a little rambunctious? Ever licked a book? Heh.

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    • Oh no no! It’s a copy of Dragon Bound that she signed. :D The Storm’s Heart card is just one of the romance trading cards. Sorry for the mix up lol! August and Storm’s Heart can’t come soon enough.

  1. Storm’s heart? I WAAAANNNT that. You lucky, lucky person. But you totally deserve it for making awesome blogs!
    I absolutely hope it’s as great as the first one.

    • The book she signed is Dragon Bound, Storm’s Heart is one of the romance trading cards she sent with the book. I only wish it had been Storm’s Heart lol!

  2. Kenda! You’re licking that wonderful book? LOL! I’m so glad you lurved them… that badge for Rachel Morgan was awesome looking. I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

    I tend to hug and pet my precious… can’t stop petting them. ;P

    • The badge is awesome! What a great idea for her book swag. I can’t say thanks enough! :D

  3. Just WOW. Hilicia is some wonderful kind of friend!

    Never had the urge to lick a book but I have been known to sniff the ink from a brand new book. I do love stroking covers and get my weekly fix in by volunteering at the library. Free satisfaction of my addiction and spotting lots of books I never knew existed is more than worth my time invested there.

    • Mm, yes, some books DO smell good! We do the same thing at work sometimes when we get a freshly printed piece that we designed in from the printer. ;)

  4. What a great friend! My SIL once sent me at work the first Sookie book (signed) and I whooped so loud people came into my office to see what happened ;)

    My love of reading has gotten a little rambunctious of late – twice this year I’ve driven to Houston (6 hrs each way) to see authors (Kim Harrison/Patricia Briggs and again for Charlaine Harris).

    • Ahhhhh!! You’ve met Kim Harrison? I’m no slavering in jealousy or anything. Not much. :D

  5. What great swag! I did get to meet Kim Harrison on her WWBC tour– living in Seattle is pretty great for meeting authors. She’s absolutely gorgeous and a great speaker.

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