It Is…Precious to Me

You all know me by now. I don’t like to brag.

Except under certain circumstances.

I’m petting this. Right now. I can type and pet at the same time. Adding that to my resume. Maybe not. Why does that sound dirty? It’s probably the influence of the above precious.

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  1. mehmehmehmeh….*cries*…BOOK, you have THE BOOK! Only 3 more weeks to go, I can do it…NOT

  2. I have a lovely green tint to my face right now. I can’t wait for this book. Any chance you’d be willing to share some titbits from it? Pretty please?

    • So far, not a whole lot of interesting stuff has happened – to me anyway. I’m on page 90 ATM. There HAS been one scene with her and Curran, but it wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped it would be. Again, that ‘s just me. It might give all the Curran fans their fix and it might not. Gah! So hard to figure out how to say it without saying too much lol.

      • I’m re-reading the series to help me get through the weeks. It’s not working, though. I read too fast, sigh.

    • Yes, indeedy, Hils! It’s probably the only thing keeping me sane ATM, too, so precious indeed, yes lol.

  3. Oh NOOOO…. you have the book! *whimpers in pain*

    You can’t go around showing such a sensitive item like that to unsuspecting victims, that’s too cruel… noooo…

    You’re lucky I love your reviews so congrats n hurry up tell us what you think about it!

  4. *whimper…whimper …NOOOO*

    You have it already. Three more weeks. I can wait three more weeks. Sure I can.

    Here’s hoping bookdepository will ship early.

    (Completely agree with S. Hana: showing off is cruel)

  5. I’m sooooo looking forward to May 31. Well, June 1st, actually. I have to work May 31st because it’s the last day of the month, but I’m taking June 1st off so I can read Magic Slays and Kiss of Snow.

  6. I must find out where you live. Not only do you make delicious foods but you have MAGIC SLAYS. :)

    I have preordered the signed version through Powells. Killing me, this wait.

    • You wrote “delicious foods” which made me giggle for some reason. I dunno – just did! :D

      Not much longer now for Magic Slays! I know, doesn’t help, right?

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