Lurv Looks Back: November

No Cook’s Source For You!

Cook’s Source scandal! Cook Source folds as a result (thanks, Katiebabs, for heads up), still openly criticizing the writer they plagiarized, despite Grigg’s prior halfhearted apology to the writer. Even after she apologized, Griggs just couldn’t keep from digging a deeper hole. I know this is obvious, but there’s some pretty grand delusions going on at that magazine’s now-defunct-office.

Book Banning or Something Else?

Amazon’s pedophile book brouhaha. Amongst the book community we saw a massive Twitter conversation that spilled into other areas as well. Jessica at Read React Review has a great breakdown and rebuttal on it all a week later.

Before that, though, Book Smuggler Ana did a post on her reactions to the book and Dear author wrote up a couple of pieces as well.

You can check out a series of videos that journalist Anderson Cooper of CNN did about the scandal if your curious about the book’s contents (he read the book), which was something many thought people couldn’t be judged without knowing what said contents were exactly.

Steampunk is This Month’s Redheaded Stepchild Genre

Author Charles Stross criticizes steampunk (heard via author Diana Rowland on twitter). Meh.

An Important Message – This Crap Needs To Stop

Dreaming in Books had a moving post up about ill treatment of a fellow student who happens to be a lesbian at their high school. I’m sick and sad that this is happening more and more in high schools, or that it was already happening and no one was doing anything to stop such hurtful and obviously wrong behavior. Kids, no matter how they feel sexually in their vulnerable teenage years, should not have to go through this kind of crap.

James Frey Exposed – Again

I think YA author Maureen Johnson sums it up pretty well.

Kindle Books Can Now Be Gifted

Amazon released news that you can now gift a Kindle book to anyone with an email address – no Kindle required. (via many tweets and retweets on Twitter) It seems, though, that geo restrictions are still muddying the waters, and one UK-er tried to download a Kindle book via email, but was unable to access it. (via @has_bookpushers) They also seem to be taxing the gifted books, but not regularly bought Kindle books. (via @c2s) Can Has Twitter Fun – And You Too! via their twitter account did a hilarious hashtag convo – Alternative Titles for Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately the hashtag they used doesn’t work anymore (nor does any hashtag more than a few days old, apparently), but check out their article for a small sampling. One of mine’s on there! So Long, And Thanks for All the Doom. The other one that’s attributed to me isn’t mine; it was a retweet. Personally, I liked this one of mine, too: Look At Me, Now Back To You, Now Back To Me – Sadly, You Are Not A Hobbit (The Abridged Version).

Before that one, they also did Six Word Fantasy Story and Six Word SciFi Story. I played along with these as well – my Six Word Fantasy was: Dirigibles, science and zombies – oh my. Would love to see more such fun themes from their Twitter account!

Simon and Schuster Galley Grab

Simon and Schuster has a beta Galley Grab program available now for applicants. You can apply if you are a “bookseller, librarian, teacher, journalist, blogger, producer or other publishing professional who does business with Simon & Schuster”. (via Katiebabs)

Stick Together or Speak Up?

At the tail end of the month, A thread on Dear Author addresses a conversation that began over at a romance discussion forum called Romance Divas (a registered members only board, fyi). Should author’s speak up if they don’t like another author’s book?

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    • We watched The Fellowship of the Ring last night and yeah – DOOM! But so good, still. Teehee!

  1. Thanks for your wrapup. I haven’t been around much lately and missed Dreaming in Book’s ordeal and the Galley Grab!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the post! It horrified me to no end, and it’s good to keep those things in perspective. That way people don’t think of trying it again.

    Also, the many Romanceland kerfuffles. There are so many of them! At least being ‘initiated’ into one early on made them less of a hassle to deal with in the long run.

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