Cover Spotlight: Gimme

Not digging it one hundred percent (it’s the model, maybe the pose…I dunno, eh), but I love Kitty and the background. And really, it’s about the story. Wants. Gimme.

Releases June 2011. No blurb yet.

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    • LOL! It probably is. I admit I had an issue with her boobs looking as if they were pushed up too much on the last cover. I dunno, Kate doesn’t strike me as being all – Mai boobs, look at ’em.

      Whatever the case, want this book so bad! June 2011? *cry* ;)

  1. I actually agree with Angiegirl. That’s what I was going to say, the boobs. It’s like she’s arching her back to make the boobs more prominent ^_^;

    Did they also change the model?

    • I wondered if it was a different model as well. She almost looks similar, but also very different. Not sure tho!

  2. From this angle her head is really small compared to her boobs and her tighs. The oily hat hair doesn’t help. And why does she she have a halo?

  3. I agree, don’t like it that much…i don’t like the model AND the pose, but you’re right it’s really all about the book, still looking forward to it.
    I also thought that Kate’s hair was more red, but im not sure.

  4. June? JUNE? *grumble grumble*


    The cover model is rather…well endowed, isn’t she? Not that I mind exactly, but…not usual for a UF cover, is it?

    *looks at cover again* And there is a halo…
    Hmmm. Maybe we should have the cover released WITH the book, and that way they could put whatever on the cover and we wouldn’t notice because we’d be devouring the book?

  5. Maybe this is just a working title? The final version could be ‘Magic Breasts’. Then the additional endowment could be crucial to the artist’s vision.

  6. LOL, for me it’s the boobs and the almost signature UF squat (pose) and the halo. I definitely prefer the other covers. Kitty in the background works, though. But who cares, I want the book!

  7. It doesn’t look like the same model. But ya, not digging the picture, but am digging the kitty cat! Also, sigh, until June of ’11… I just LOVE this series!

  8. It’s the boobs, but I think specifically it’s the white tee-shirt and the shading on the boobage area. That left knocker — the one on the right as you’re looking at the cover — is a little too bright and bodacious. And how is it that there’s light shining upwards under her RIGHT boobage — the one on the left as you’re looking at the cover. Seriously…it’s wonky.

    On the other hand, I agree — WANT THIS BOOK. Want Kate. Want Curran. Want Jim. Want Derek. Want Andrea. Want them all. (I even want Roland…or one of his henchmen.) Gimme.

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