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I’ve kind of lost my blog writing mojo this last week or so. The last half of last week was filled with taking care of a sick kidlet, and most of the time I’d normally use to work at home on ye old laptop is now given over to her so she can play her games or do some educational stuff. I can’t believe this, but it looks like we’ll be getting her, at five years old, her own computer. The sooner the better!

So I’ve just been reading for the most part when it comes to the blog. Things like this:

So I can’t complain, really, when I’m getting some reading done. I just need to get the writing about it part back in line.

Some brief opinions on these reads:

I’ve finished Bayou Moon. This is the usual Ilona Andrews unique awesomeness. Action, sooper eevil villains, a very nice romance and an excellently vivid world. What’s not to love? Somehow, though, I’ll have to find a way to explain in my review why I didn’t like this one as much as the first book. At the momwnt, I’m stumped as to why. There’s not one thing wrong with this book. I liked it – I just didn’t wholly connect with it for some reason. Don’t you just hate that? The book’s obviously awesome, but for some reason, you and it aren’t gel’n.

I also finished Play of Passion – and it’s almost the exact same feeling I had with Bayou Moon. Except I pretty much know why this one and I didn’t wholly connect. Still, I’m annoyed at myself because, again, this is really a wonderful paranormal romance that I just didn’t connect with completely. In all honesty this is probably my least favorite of the Psy/Changeling series to date, and I can back up why in my upcoming review, but a slightly less great Singh PNR is still light years above and beyond most romances I pick up lately. That’s probably just me, though. Ive been having an off year when it comes to romance, it seems.

Magic at the Gate. Oh, Allie Beckstrom series, I love you. I’m not finished with this one yet, but I’m loving it. Loving, loving and loving.

I got some books in the mail yesterday. My TBR and review piles are turning into Oh My God How Am I Going to Read ALL of You piles. I think I could solve some of that by doing some giveaways. So good news, the Giveapalooza will be making it’s way back to a post near you. Soon.

That’s Lurv for ya lately. Happy reading, everyone.

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  1. Huh, interesting that you aren’t gel’n with BAYOU MOON. Oh well. It happens. You may figure it out when you start reviewing it..

    Yay, Giveapalooza!!

  2. I’m jealous of your ARCs — I have Bayou Moon next up (after The Iron Duke) and am anxiously awaiting the other two on your list!

    • I have The Iron Duke in my TBR. :D I almost shoved aside the ARCs to get to it but decided I needed to be good and fulfill obligations first. Good thing the “work” books are fun ones.

  3. We broke down and got the monkey his own laptop at the age of 3. It’s strange. When I was 10 years old, having a computer wasn’t even thought of. I still remember my Apple 2E and now our kids have laptops.

    As for BAYOU MOON…you didn’t like? I actually liked it a lot, more so than ON THE EDGE I think. Maybe it’s William. I loved William.

    • I seem to be one of the few who liked On the Edge more than Bayou Moon. I think it was because Andrews did such a wonderful job of introducing what makes the Weird and the Broken and the Edge such great, unique worlds. Plus, well, I really did enjoy the characters in On the Edge more, too. Declan and rose, plus her brothers, just felt much more….I dunno, *more* to me.

      William was OK. He actually got on my nerves a little with his tendency to single-mindedly focus on Cerise with all his intense one-word “want”. Plus in the first half of the book there was another thing or two that he did that were repetitive and those kinds of things start to jump out at me when it’s the same over and over. This has been an issue for me in other books, too.

      All that aside, there isn’t a thing wrong with Bayou Moon. It’s well-written, very much so. It shows another unique part and culture of the Edge, but I think – and I just realized it this morning – one reason I might not have liked this one as much, is the books in this series are one-shot deals. Each one is about a new set of characters, and I think I’m used to Kate Daniels and the ever building layers of development of both characters and the world within them. I know we first saw William in On the Edge, but we never had the chance really know him till book 2, and in all honesty, I didn’t feel he was all that developed. Again, I could just be spoiled, being used to the Daniels books and all.

      Sorry for the long reply lol! I think maybe I’ve unblocked my review writing block. ;)

      I didn’t get my own computer till I went to college! Times, they have changed.

  4. I have Bayou Moon next! Hope I’ll like it (loved On the Edge)… sorry you didn’t enjoy it. :( I just finished The Iron Duke! Hmm… you need to read that one — yes you do! :D

    And Play of Passion not working? Really? Hmm…

    • There were parts of Bayou Moon that I liked, but yeah, I didn’t love this one like I did the first book. Bayou Moon is actually a very well-written book, just not my cup. And that really does somewhat stump me lol!

      As for Play of Passion, I think my main problem with that one is I didn’t feel the conflict between Indigo and Drew was all that strong. We’re told a lot that dominance is a big issue for Indigo. We’ve seen that mentioned in previous books, preparing us for her story. To me, that conflict wasn’t shown as much as it was hyped.

      And I cannot wait to read The Iron Duke! It’s sitting on my dining room table, and it makes sad eyes at me every day.

  5. I can’t wait to read Bayou Moon and Play of Passion. I think they’re in the mail to me now. At least I hope they are! lol

  6. I read Bayou Moon a few weeks ago. I love the Kate Daniels books more than this series for the reasons you pointed ut these are stand alones and allthe characters in the KD books get to grow and change over time because it is a series. One of the things I like about William in this book is that his damaging upbringing and his nature as a changer make him not human and so his chracter and actions as an adult are consistent with that. Yet within those boundaires he does respond to new thinking and situations and changes. I also think that Cerise is a great partner for him because at the end of the day they are both willing to do absolutely anything including killing so they each have a darkness that recognises the other. Rose was right for Declan and not for William because she doesnb’t have that dark in her.

  7. I hope the reviewing mojo delurks! I for one can’t wait to hear what you think of Play of Passion. I am confused as to why Drew & Indigo are only connecting now…would they not have known they were mates earlier or am I missing something that will be explained in the book?

    I liked On The Edge, but…although William interests me I haven’t the desire to pick up Bayou Moon. I can’t put my finger on why…

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