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Doesn’t it feel like this sums up the Blogosphere sometimes? It’s been that kind of week. Or two weeks, really. Maybe since the inception of the Blogosphere?? Why can’t we all get along, and copious other naive sentiments? I was going to write up a post on mean girl reviewers based on some vigorous Thursday commentary, as they’re just so popular, but maybe it’s better left to others.

In the meantime, I’ve mainly been trying to get some reading done. Progress on a “work” book, Dreadnought, has lost steam, per say, at a little over halfway through, while I felt inspired by Heather over at The Galaxy Express this week and finally whipped the ‘ole Finders Keepers out of the TBR pile! Go romance! In space! Loving it. So far.

What are you reading lately, and is it working for you or not?

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  1. I’m looking VERY forward to starting Jaci Burton’s Riding the Night this weekend. Right now I’m finishing the fourth book in the Desire, Oklahoma series by Leah Brooke.

    • Isn’t it Jaci Burton that’s got that HAWT as all get out football cover/story coming out in early 2011? I haven’t read her before. I’m waiting to absolutely paw that football book.

  2. I’m reading Two Years Before the Mast, by Dana, and Pirates and Privateers by Montague. This is for research because I am writing my pirate book–a time travel/fantasy/paranormal/historical romance.

    It’s so much fun!

    • I’ve actually heard before that writers gettin’ their research on is fun for them! That’s awesome, srsly. I think that’s something every reader can appreciate. :D

  3. I’m rereading Stephen King’s Bachman Books. Been years since I picked this up–forgot how dark and disturbing it is.

    And, yes, getting our research on is a lot of fun! I had a blast reading up on Ancient Greece and the origin of opera. *g*


    • Mmmm, would like to go to an opera one day. Closest I’ve ever gotten is a production of Phantom of the Opera in Atlanta. :D

      And I have never ever read Stephen King! Must do before I die.

  4. King has some amazing work out there. For horror, I suggest THE TOMMYKNOCKERS, NEEDFUL THINGS, and CUJO. For other stuff he’s done, THE EYES OF THE DRAGON and THE TALISMAN (co-written with Peter Straub) are very good.

    Never been to a live opera, but I’ve seen them on tv. Did some research for the background of a character in a book I’ve got cookin’ on the backburner right now.


    • You know which King book appealed to me for first time ever? Of course you don’t – I will tell you! Under The Dome. And now that it’s finally reached a format that has a reasonable enough price I might get it, or better yet, see if the library has it available. Thank you for your suggestions! The Stand is also highly lauded, so might have to tackle that door stopper one day.

      Have fun with that back burner cooking! :)

  5. I have my copy of Games of Command out, KMont. So you and I are on the same page with Sinclair. :) I read The Down Home Zombie Blues last month and the sci/fi romance bug bit me again… but I haven’t read Killbox by Aguirre yet and that one is next on my list. :D

    • Mmmm, Finders Keepers is restoring my romance faith! So have been needing that!

      You are going to writhe in reading ecstasy when you read Killbox lol!

  6. I just finished reading a lovely Regency romance, The Sergeant’s Lady by Susanna Fraser. It’s a debut book and I was amazed at how well-written it was. I don’t read that many Regencies because they all tend to be similar, but this one was a love story between a low-born sergeant in the Rifle Brigade and an high-born lady who is following the drum with her officer husband (he gets killed early in the story). Lots of historical details, great characters, and most of it takes place in Portugal, not England. I almost hesitate to call it a Regency, but it does take place in that time period, and the characters are English, so I guess it qualifies.

    • Susanne Fraser, that name sounds familiar. I guess maybe I’ve seen the name in passing on other blogs or sites, since she’s a debut. Portugal, eh? That does sound interesting. I will give it a look-see!

      • /Susanna’s debut ebook has been well received, earning a B review from DA. Other reviewers have commended Susanna for thinking outside the Regency box with unconventional characters and location.

        Susanna’s website was also a topic at DA and SB – her husband created it quickly for her debut.

        DA and several readers didn’t care for it.

        SB and several readers liked it, thought it was creative, and applauded her for her simplicity.

        (I found it interesting that two bloggers who often agree … disagreed on this).

        PW’s Barbara Vey also commented on it.

        Susanna was a guest at my blog on September 1:

        • I’ve seen the DA and the SB groups disagreeing before. So I wasn’t surprised by that at all.

          So now I remember, yeah, the site that was pretty much just text. I thought the site was funny. Made good use of the author’s voice, I suppose. Just like books, sites are going to be liked or not and each side is bound to voice an opinion.

  7. I just finished reading Married With Zombies by Jesse Petersen and I really liked it. It was a fun, quick read. I look forward to reading the next one.

    • So it was fun, as in funny, too? I would love to read a funny book again. Glad you enjoyed it! I think I’ll go add to the wish list. :)

    • Oh girl, tell it. So it’s as….cracktabulously wrong, I uh, mean right, as the first one?

  8. I just flew right through the Kate Daniels series (I NEED book 5!!!). I’m currently starting the Rachel Morgan series and finishing the Cat & Bones series.

    Ps LOVE your site!

    • The Kate Daniels series is one that, if I had time, I’d read all the way through, then whip myself back in time so I could experience it all again for the first time, read it, whip myself back in time AGAIN…and so on and so on. :D Nuthin’ but love for it!

      And thank you, I’m so glad you like the site!

  9. I just started Sanderson’s new Way of Kings. Good lord, but it’s so gloriously huge! 1008 pages of fantasy bliss, and I’ve barely had time to crack the surface so far.

    • I was all set to buy Way of Kings, but decided against it since it’s in hardback. I dunno why I was expecting it in paperback. Then the ebook price for my Sony Reader was just ridiculous as well. But people say such good things about it. I might have to see if the library has it.

      • Whaaat? What’s wrong with a lovely hardback? D: It’s the only way to read a nice quality tome, imo.

        Plus, can you imagine how large a 1000p hardback will be in the universally-longer paperback? I wince just thinking about the poor binding trying to stay in good condition.

        • I bought the hardback as well. Considering the interior artwork I consider it mony well spent. I have to wonder how much of it they’d put in a paperback. And if they don’t take it would be a serious loss. I’m at the end of part 1 and completely hooked

        • Oh there’s nothing wrong w/hardbacks, really lol, it’s just my dollars, I must try harder to keeps some of them, and my wrists just hate a big hardback. Plus I’ve whacked myself in the face with them so many times while trying to read one in bed! Right on the ‘ole shnoz-a-roo, yes indeed. So in reality, my nose won’t let me read hardbacks. :D

  10. I just finished reading a dystopian sci-fi YA novel called The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. After all the sparkly drivel I’ve subjected myself to lately it was so refreshing to read something so unsentimental and bleak, yet so original and fast paced. I finished it as quickly as I could and it ended on such a cliffanger I’m dying for the sequel. Come on student loans, hurry up!

    • I’ve heard that title but don’t know the blurb info so I’ll be looking it up, stat! :)

      Sparkly drivel lol. I know of what you speak.

      ETA: Ok, I remember that book now. I also remember hearing other high praise for it. Will have to add it to the wish list.

  11. As part of a GoodReads group I am (three chapters per week) working my way through Janny Wurts’ War of Light and Shadow series. Currently near the end of the second book – The Ships of Merior – and enjoying it very much. I’m obviously on a fantasy bent ATM as I’m also reading the third book in Lynn Flewelling’s Nightrunner series – Traitor’s Moon. I’m enjoying it – each book in the series has flowed better than the previous one :)

    Next…well, it should probably be Jasmyn (Alex Cross), as that’s what I’ve got out of the library. But my Lord of the White Hell books have arrived, so….

    Oh. I have told myself while on holiday in early October that I will attempt Kushiel’s Dart. I’m scared!

  12. @ orannia: Kushiel’s Dart is one of my favorite books ever. hope you love it (and it’s not a difficult read –at least I don’t think so)

    I also am loving the Lord of the White Hell books (have to start book 2 next) and I devoured the Downside Ghosts books by Stacia Kane.

    I am just now reading “The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie” and loving it (my usual lit choices are paranormals, fantasy, urban fantasy and historical romance so I thought why not read a mystery for a change in scenery?)

    Also, I’m a late-arriving Meredith Duran fan, having just finished (and LOVED) Bound by Your Touch.

    *sigh* So many books! So little time!

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