Lurv Looks Back: August on the Interwebs

A lot of us blogging peeps do a recap of our monthly blogging endeavors. I keep a running list of what I’ve read so I don’t see the need to do an individual post here on that subject, but I did think maybe it might be fun to look back at what other bloggers have posted on in the past month. Things that I or you felt were particularly memorable.

One thing that immediately comes to mind is that August was The Book Smugglers awesome themed adventure of Young Adult Appreciation Month 2010. If you love YA or are new to the vast umbrella genre, take a look at their offerings. There’s a ton of interesting posts there alone, sometimes more than one a day.

And this reaches just slightly further back, but it’s close enough ( I mean, July 29 is practically in August’s lap, right?). The Book Smugglers’ post on Sister’s Red and why they had some issues with it is still getting some interesting reactions overall about the business of criticizing books. Does criticism of books ever shift into censorship of said books? When does stating your opinion actually cross that line in terms of blogging? Can any of us that do criticize books really keep those books from getting read? I’d like to see and read for myself the posts that are being called out as censorship/sensationalism. This is pretty much necessary in order to make a reasonable decision on the matter.

Katiebabs continues to be consistent in her passion about the publishing community and making other bloggers aware of potential problems in blogging. And if those kinds of issues aren’t your cup, there’s always her highly amusing, and sometimes stomach turning, WTFery posts.

You know who has some of the best set of look-back links? Jessica at Read React Review. Her Monday Morning/sometimes Evening Stepback Posts are a super blog highway interchange of interesting links.

Presenting Lenore did a month-long look at dystopian fiction, so get thee on over there if this genre is on your radar. I know I still need to wade through all the goodness because I must read more of it myself.

I’ve noticed a couple of bloggers that include their terrific fellas in their thoughts on books: Angie of Angieville and Katie of Adventures in Katiedom. To me, this is so utterly and completely sweet to see this kind of heartfelt sharing happening between partners who support each other’s extracurricular passions.

Dark Fairie Tales always posts the most up-to-date look at new covers in the fantasy and paranormal romance fields. If you’re a cover lover like me, you should keep her blog on your radar to stay abreast of all the latest covers. Jackie at Literary Escapism also keeps a running Facebook posting of monthly covers. Last but not least, Jane at Dear Author is now compiling a monthly resource of covers as well. Go ahead, cover lovers, drool.

And he’s been back at it again for a little while now, but I’m still glad to see Doug over at SciFiGuy rejoining the Blogoshere and posting regularly again. He was indeed missed those many weeks.

Clearly I need to get on the bandwagon and read the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. The book’s multi-district blog tour pulled in some seriously whopping entry numbers.

This month’s look-back is a little on the short side, because, well, the idea just came to me. But this can also be about your favorite or most memorable looks back at the previous month in the Blogosphere. If you’d like me to include your links here, just leave them for me in the comments section and I’ll add them in.

Your Look-Back Links

The Perpetual Page-Turner talks about books and ink and Bookworms on the Big Screen.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m glad you enjoyed Dystopian August and that it’s a good resource for you!

    And speaking of the Mockingjay tour … I am so glad I went with google docs for the contest entry. I got over 3,000 entries! Crazy!

    • Whaaaa?? Yours might be the biggest amount of entries! I couldn’t find all of the district posts soon enough to suit me lol. Wow!

      And oh yes, I will be revisiting your dystopian posts! ;)

    • Sorry about your comment going to the moderation line! I forgot this blog is set to do that with more than two or so links.

      Thank you for the links, tho! I’ll add them in. :)

      • Oh no problem! I’m so excited I found this post because I realized that there were a few things I missed this August! Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing this each month!

        • Thanks! I’m excited to see if I can maintain this “goal” posting lol. Usually I’m a pretty sporadic kind of blogger. ;)

  2. Me consistent? BUWAHAA.

    One of my favorite posts is from Angela at Dark Faerie Tales when she listed the book deals and posts these book covers and future releases I had no clue about.

    • Oh yes, you ARE consistent about posting when you feel passionately about a subject. Or maybe I should say you just don’t shy away from being honest about them. ;)

  3. I think with something like the BookSmugglers review of Sisters Red, if the reviewer sees something has problematic then they have the right to point it out and say why they think so. It’s completely different from censorship. I think calling censorship at bad reviews is becoming the Godwin’s Law of the book blogosphere. I’ve seen people pull the censorship card and it never works (the best example I can think of was when some unpublised writer wrote a piece called “In defence of Hush Hush” where she said telling people not to read the book because it was bad was censorship. I wrote a rebuttal to it but it’s sort of moot now because the original writer deleted her piece. Tempted to call the censorship card but best not to…

    Jackson Pearce’s response was also incredibly immature.

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