Cover Spotlight: Archangel’s Consort

Blurb via Goodreads:

When vampire hunter Elena Deveraux became an angel, with magnificent wings the colours of midnight and dawn, it turned her world upside down. Her lover, the stunningly dangerous archangel Raphael, is used to being in control even when it comes to the woman he considers his own.

But Elena has never done well with authority …especially not when it seems Raphael is the one who needs her help. The archangels may be almost all-powerful, but there are some things that only a Guild Hunter can get done, and Elena and Raphael may be heading for their most dangerous investigation yet.

Singh just posted this on her blog recently. So who’s ready for more Elena and Raphael? Even though I didn’t dig the previous book as much as the first, I’m definitely not giving up yet! Archangel’s Consort releases January 25, 2011.

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  1. What’s there to say? I love the covers to all the books in this series so far and this one is gorgeous too. I like.

    It’s interesting to see Elena’s evolution on the covers, don’t you think? You see her on the first cover and she’s looking up in what looks almost like wonder. In the second one she’s looking down from her perch, but we don’t see a weapon and there’s a certain distance there. But in this one, Elena looks like she’s ready to kick some butt with her drawn weapon.

    • I agree. I did have to think about this one at first. You’re right, though. Taking the series covers together, they are showing a great progression of Elena’s character. I love too that the covers are about her and that growth, as opposed to sticking the hot guy on the cover.

    • I dunno..I like that it’s Elena on there. I kind of wish her Psy/Changeling books would feature just gal sometimes. Although…man abs are nice!

  2. I’m quite excited for this book but I’m not loving the cover.
    Plus, shouldn’t Elena be darker skinned?

    • You know, I’m really not sure about her skin. It seems consistent color-wise on the covers so far, but I can’t remember how exactly she was described in the books.

      I didn’t immediately like the cover, but it’s been growing on me. :)

  3. Hmm…I keep meaning to read these simply because female angels are way, WAY too rare. I’m tired of chiseled hunks of man-perfection with their big flappy wings and squared jaws and blah blah blah.

    I have no idea what she’s like though, I’ve never read a Nalini Singh book before! :(

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