Secrets of the Demon Has a New Pretty

I was gonna wait till tomorrow to show this off but couldn’t resist. Lookie what I found while getting info together for the other post I did today. Heee!

I’d say this is a SCORE for author Diana Rowland, who pens one of my most favorite ongoing urban fantasy series. It’s the gorgeous Daniel dos Santos cover for Secrets of the Demon. I really enjoyed the previous covers, but wowzas, this one totally rocks. I think it’s a beautiful representation of the heroine, Kara, and I like that the demon in the background isn’t sexed up with gorgeous man abs (even tho there are some great abs in the books), but shown as a truly dangerous being.

There’s no blurb yet, and obviously the cover itself isn’t finalized, but Secrets of the Demon, book three, releases January 4, 2011. If you’re curious about the series, I’ve got reviews for books 1 and 2. Or just visit the author’s site!

Congrats on the great cover artwork, Ms. Rowland!

ETA: And here it is fully finito!

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  1. I saw this up on twitter this morning. I love it yet I’m going to miss the style of the first two books – I really loved the glossy design on them.

    • I agree, those were some great covers. But if one has to go to a new publisher and covers absolutely have to change – wooooeeee, this is a purty way to go. ;)

  2. Ohh..I love the cover and the new direction with it. Though I’m not sure the Kara from the books would be showing cleavage. I agree I do like the change from the sexy demon’s nice to have a little variety ;)

    • I had to go look again – I didn’t notice her slightly undone shirt! I think you’re right. ;) Maybe she just had a small…tryst? :D

  3. I’m embarrassed to say I have yet to read the first book in this series, but IIRC it’s near the top of my TBR list so….soon :)

    Did I read your comment correctly KMont? Has the author changed publishers mid series?

    • Dude, SO many books, so little time lol!

      And yes, her series did change publishers. As I understand it, the older dropped it and a new snatched it up – and thank goodness! I’d have cried me a good one if we weren’t going to get more of these books.

  4. Man, Dan Dos Santos rocks! LOVE this new cover.

    Like Orannia, it’s on my tbr. Good to hear you really like it.

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