Cover Spotlight: Marked by the Moon

OK, kids, I KID YOU NOT…I squee-ed a little when I saw this one. This will be book #9 in Handeland’s awesome Nightcreature series, one that I feared was kaput in 2008 after Thunder Moon was published. I wrote to the author, asking something along the lines of when would the next one be published. Her answer wasn’t very encouraging because at the time it didn’t look like the series would be continuing. How frickin’ sad I was! I’m not huge on werewolf-themed PNR, but this series has always done it for me. None of the sillier elements that sometimes take me out of other PNR stories. Handeland’s writing tends to be on the more sparse, “bare bones” side as I call it, but at the same time packs a good punch that always kept me engaged. And I have got to say, I am loving the cover.

There’s no blurb yet, but Marked by the Moon releases November 2, 2010 and there’s even a tenth book in the works for March 2011 titled Moon Cursed. Welcome back, Nightcreature series! You’ve been missed!

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  1. I came across this one a few days ago, and like you had a little squee party. LOL! I’m really glad to see this series is coming back. :)

  2. Yay! I’m doing a little Nightcreature dance. :D I was busy searching for a blurb, but chucks there’s nothing out yet. So glad this series is back!

    • No, no blurb yet. :( But I have so much HAPPY that the series isn’t done! Waahoooo!

  3. So who is the wolf in this series? I crave more female werewolves, like Lonely Werewolf Girl, and “Bitten” didn’t really do it for me at all. x.x

    • Kia, I want to say the weres in this series are usually the hero. it’s been so long since I read them that I can’t remember if there were any female werewolves, but I’m almost sure there weren’t. Sorry!

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