Double Cover Vision: The Mermaid’s Mirror and Dreaming of Amelia

I discovered this little mishap while scouting out a cover spotlight for next week. I love manipulating photos, so I don’t really have a problem when I see two stock images on different covers, except in cases of much overused imagery, and as long as it’s not the exact same cover. It’s actually more interesting to me to compare the usage of the photo and see which works best. I vote for The Mermaid’s Mirror. I love the hazy, magical glow around the figure, and the pearl-like beads floating around her. I think it all works exceptionally well with the ocean background. What do you think?

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    • Didn’t realize one was a UK cover! I found it at Amazon U.S. and I’ve noticed more and more that they’re featuring foreign covers, but they don’t allude to it being a foreign edition. I wonder why they do that…

  1. I like Mermaid’s Mirror better. Seems today is a great day to point out two covers for the price of one. I found 2 books with the same exact also.33 AD and Flu. The colors are the only difference.

    • It took me a few to realize what you were talking about lol. But yes! You find the best examples of this kind of thing! :D

  2. Mermaid is more interesting. I don’t know anything about either book, but Mermaid’s better suits Speculative Fic, while Amelia’s would work better for chick lit or YA fic.

  3. I agree that the Mermaid image is more interesting, but I’m completely sold on the other cover just because Jaclyn Moriarty’s name is on it. I’m so looking forward to this book (which is Ghosts of Ashbury High in the US).

      • I especially liked The Year of Secret Assignments (which is something else in Australia–she seems to get her titles changed a lot), which is in the same not-quite-a-series YA books set Ashbury High as Amelia/Ghosts. But I’ve liked everything of hers I read. Smart, funny, moving.

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