The Demonica Compendium – You Can Has!

funny pictures of cats with captions
This so called for an LOLCat. Look at Black Kitty, all evil, waiting for you to pass by so it can…POUNCE!

That’s kind of how Larissa Ione’s Demonica Compendium is right now. As I type, it’s getting ready in the back of Wraith’s book, Passion Unleashed, and oh my how it wants to pounce. All up on ya. But wait, you can get one up on it. Keep reading to find out how.

For anyone not familiar with Ione’s Demonica series (no, I swear I did not just laugh out loud), visit her site for more detail. Then click the cool little linky below and be magically whisked away through a harrowgate (Oh lord, Ione, did I spell that right?) to the Land of All Things Demon and prepare to steep in the knowledge that is Demonica. Learn what different species of demons are out there, and how Underworld General Hospital came to be and is run. Read character profiles and then, the icing on the cake is a short story detailing how Shade, Roag and Eidolon discover their brother, Wraith and come to his aid.

What better way to thank readers for their support? I read through it and was very impressed at the detail.

So clicky clicky and enjoy!

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  1. LOL–I’m having some serious allergy issues, so between sneezing and laughing…it’s not pretty.

    The LOLcat is hilarious! I’m SO not reaching my hand into that cereal box. I like my fingers, thank you very much!

  2. Bless you!

    But pweese play with the kitteh. There are many rewards for doing so! Bless you again. :)

  3. I was just composing a very similar post, Kmont (sans the adorable LOLcat, that is). Great minds, let me tell you! :wink:

    Btw, I read the Compendium online last week. It’s very cool!

  4. Christine, oh add an LOLCat! :D They just make everything that much more official teehee.

    Katiebabs, it is a widget made of awesome. It’s a great idea, one with plenty of incentive to click. It is also awesome for being entirely HTML so that it’s workable on a WordPress blog!

  5. For anyone not familiar with Ione’s Demonica series (no, I swear I did not just laugh out loud)…

    *raises hand*

    Ohhh, I just love that LOL cat picture. That so is what my cat used to do…you name it, he’d get in it! Not fun when it is the washing basket full of clean washing and Ty (short for Tyrant…no, no ‘h’) had been playing in the mud :)

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