Sookie Sundays: True Blood #4

Pam and Eric escaping from Fangtasia in True Blood episode 4, Escape From Dragon House

Pam and Eric escaping from Fangtasia in True Blood episode 4, Escape From Dragon House

Escape From Dragon House

Apologies for the late post – I had to catch the second airing of this one last night. Stomach flu was trying to keep me from my Eric! Anywho.

So last week, we left off with Sookie finding poor Dawn’s dead body in her bedroom. We pick back up with Sookie screaming for help. In walks Jason with a vase of flowers, which he drops and the glass shatters everywhere. One of Dawn’s neighbors, the one that saw him and Dawn fighting last night, comes in and asks Jason what he’s done. Jason proclaims his innocence, but it’s not long before Bon Temps law enforcement finest is on the scene and their not so inclined to let Jason go. Meanwhile, town folk are gathering like Dawn’s death is the finest entertainment they’ve had in months, gawking and sipping cool drinks. Jason is arrested and remanded into custody, and none to gently by detective Andy Bellefleur.

One thing stood out in my mind that differs from the books – Andy doesn’t confirm to himself here that Sookie is telepathic by questioning her and finding out through some smart remarks on her part. In the books, this was important because it’s the beginning of Sookie’s talents becoming more widely known amongst the Bon Temps human population. In the show though, it seems that storyline may disappear, or possibly pick back up later. I felt it showed immense character development for Andy, but I’m sure Ball will find a way to incorporate more of Andy’s character development. We already know he’s bitter about the lack of respect his job garners.

The other important thing that happens here is Jason remembers he has a full tube of vampire blood and quickly takes the entire thing so the police don’t find it on him.

Sookie has a conversation with Sam, who shows up for moral support and as Dawn’s landlord. He agrees to open up the bar and Sookie wants to waitress, to keep her mind off of recent events. When she swings by home to see her grandmother and change into her uniform, Gran asks Sookie to listen in on the bar patrons to help Jason out. Even though Gran believes Sookie’s talent comes from God, Sookie is still not very comfortable discussing it.

Back at the police station, Jason’s being questioned and it’s clear that Andy has it in for him. During the talk, Jason’s unfortunate V gulping results in a giant erection, which he limps to the bathroom with to try to relieve. His yells bring Andy and Sheriff Dearborn to the door though and Tara shows up at that moment to get him out of there. Her knowledge of basic rights for these proceedings is thorough and the sheriff and Andy are caught with their law enforcement pants down when they have to admit they can’t hold Jason on anything. Tara pretends to have been with Jason the night before, which he quickly agrees to and soon both are out the door.

That night, Sookie is doing as promised and listening in on people’s thoughts. mostly she’s finding not-so-nice thoughts about Dawn and Jason – and getting quite upset by it all – until she reads Hoyt’s mind, who seemed to have carried a bit of a torch for Dawn and had genuinely nice thoughts about her. Sookie is so overwhelmed by Hoyt that she gives him a kiss on the cheek, probably one of the cutest moments of the series yet when Hoyt blushes and cracks a smile a mile wide. I was very pleased by this moment because in the books Hoyt really is one of the most genuine characters in the whole series.

Bill Compton walks in and the entire bar goes into hush mode, staring. The malevolence towards him is very thick. Arlene takes his order, but lies about their True Blood options and asks Tara to leave his drink cold. Sookie walks over and takes over, and soon Bill has his O negative that he prefers. Sookie hauls him outside and asks about a vampire bar she heard whisperings of in people’s thoughts and Bill tells her it’s called Fangtasia. He agrees to take her there that very night. Sookie hastily informs Bill that it’s not a date. She goes back inside Merlotte’s and asks for the rest of the night off and tells Sam where she’s going. They don’t part well when he becomes frustrated and says he can’t stop her form going. Sookie agrees that he can’t and walks out.

The next thing we see is Sookie dressed up at her Southern Bell finest in a sweet yet sexy red and white dress, her hair down and Bill driving them. He tells her she looks like vampire bait and Sookie demures, asking if that means he thinks she looks nice. Bill reminds her that it doesn’t matter what he thinks, that this is not a date.

They arrive at Fangtasia, and Bill takes Sookie by the waist before entering, so as to proclaim her as his. They meet Pam almost at the door and I have to interrupt real quick to say not only do I love Pam in the books, but I really liked her in the show last night too! She cards Sookie, who laughs about being carded in a a vampire bar. Pam admits she can no longer easily tell human ages and that they must be especially careful to serve no minors. Bill takes Sookie to the bar then, where a vampire is serving, Longshadow (I believe is his name) and Sookie shows him two pictures, one of Maudette, one of Dawn. The vampire is unwilling to say who they hung out at Fangtasia with, saying they don’t notice things like that there and that Sookie won’t either. The implied threat is immediately apparent but he does hold up one picture (I want to say Dawn, it wasn’t very clear) and says that “she wanted to die”, that everyone that comes there wants to die, in their own way, that that’s what vampires are – Death.

Soon, Sookie and Bill settle down with their drinks and she tries to pay attention to the thoughts going on around the bar. The subject of most of them is sex. A plain clothed human man approaches a blond vampire sitting apart form everyone and offers himself only to be thrown across the room, rejected. A gash opens on his bald head, exciting every vampire, or most, in the room. A female vampire walks up to him and takes him away. In the next few minutes, Sookie notices the vampire that tossed the human male and asks Bill about him. Bill doesn’t seem pleased, but tells her he is Eric, the oldest thing in the bar. Within minutes Eric gestures subtly yet imperiously for them to approach and Bill has no choice but to obey, while Sookie is stiffly displeased to be at anyones beck and call. Eric demands that any questions be asked only of him, and Sookie shows him her pictures too. He tells her “this one” was too pathetic for his attentions (and I believe he meant Maudette) and that he had tasted the other. At one point, Sookie tells Eric it’s nice to meet him and he replies, well, aren’t you sweet. Sookie replies, Not really and Bill grabs her hand in warning while Eric gives up a tiny smile. He tells Sookie to sit to his right when she tries to leave and while she does, she hears a man’s alarming thought, then quickly warns Eric and the others that the bar is about to be raided by police. Pam is curious how Sookie knows and Sookie tells them that there’s a man and a female vampire in the restroom, feeding – which happens to be illegal, I believe because she may have glamored him as opposed to getting his cognizant consent first. The police do bust in then and Eric quickly escorts himself, Pam, Bill and Sookie out a back entrance. This was the only part of the show that didn’t jive with me. In the books, they are well out of the bar before the police even arrive on the premises. In the show though, wouldn’t the cops have had all entrances covered? It didn’t make sense that no cops were at the back entrance of the club to stop such escapes. Maybe a case of the typical dumb cop approach in TV and movies?

On the way home, Bill and Sookie pull over so that she can have some quiet to get her thoughts back in order. A state trooper pulls up behind them though and goes on the defensive when he discovers Bill’s a vampire. He pulls his gun and thrusts it in Bill’s face. Bill goes into full vampire glamor mode, scaring Sookie and the cop and eventually takes the gun away, informing the cop how nice he is, but the next vampire that he pulls over might not be. Bill and Sookie drive off and we’re left with the trooper, who manages to piss in his pants as he realizes how lucky he was.

While all this is going on, Jason still has to deal with his giant erection, which is quickly turning into a desperate situation. Tara finds him in Merlotte’s fridge with a ribeye steak pressed to his groin. After insisting he show his erection to her, and after he confesses to doing V, Tara asks him if he wants to keep his dick when he protests going to the hospital. And we all know Jason does. There, he has to have all the blood drawn out via needle, a very painful process that Tara sticks by him for. As she drives him home, she reminisces about when they were children and he stood up to her mother for her, who was in a drunken rage and trying to hurt Tara. This was another surprisingly poignant moment, despite the erection that brought it on and we got another look into Tara’s character development. We find out that maybe what she sees in Jason is a heart he doesn’t use to often, but a good one nonetheless.

As the night winds down for everyone, at Merlotte’s, Arlene asks Sam to walk her to her car. Sam had been looking at a picture on the wall of him and Dawn. He asks Arlene to hit the lights for him and while she does he stuffs plastic gloves in his pocket. Later, he tears down the police tape at Dawn’s apartment and lets himself in with the key. Putting on the gloves, he proceeds to crawl and sniff all over Dawn’s bed in a most damning manner, sinking into the sheets and pillows and writhing as if in some kind of strange ecstasy. The show fades to black here on a most clever song choice – That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd – a blatant clue if ever there was one, but also a rather good twist. Did Sam kill Tara and Maudette? Only time and more episodes will tell.

I’m sorry for the rather long recap, but a lot more happens in the show than I could recall accurately enough to relay, mostly thoughts that Sookie encounters. This episode really clarifies the overall character that is the town of Bon Temps, especially in the face of two murders in one week. And now we have two reasonably good suspects for the murders – Jason and Sam. The vampire politics comes firmly into play when Sookie gains Eric’s notice and it seems if all the subplots are starting to really come together. I was so pleased with this most recent episode. Although I think plenty, including myself, will have wished for more vampire interaction at this point, the scenes at Fangtasia were portrayed pretty accurately according to the books. It was a good intro into the saltier, less pretty side of vampires. Because despite what Fangtasia’s name implies, vampires are anything but a Disney prop.

The clip of next week’s episode was a bit more jumbled than usual, so I’m posting this link for those that wish to know what’s coming. In the meantimes, I’ll be trying to catch this episode a few more times till next Sunday’s newest True Blood.

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  1. Well, what I saw so far of Eric I liked, but it’s a bit too soon to really know if he’s a good Eric lol. The scenes with him were way too short. He definitely looks better on screen than in photographs though.

    And hey, if it’s not working for you, the series, that’s understandable. No shame lol. I’m really, really liking how Ball is bringing in all the other POVs so far though.

  2. Excellent recap. I admit to having it on in the background and not really paying attention. I’ll catch it again though. :P

    I don’t like the Eric they have (based on the picture you posted). That’s not how I imagined him. I’ll wait until I see the episode properly.

  3. Very good re-cap.
    I’m on the 3rd book…and of course their not following the books to a tee. Books are always better then tv or movies….because our imag. can do such a better job making the characters. I’m very happy with Bill and sookie on the show they fit the show perfectly. The jury is still out on Eric.

    I really enjoy this show… I hope it continues.

  4. Something else. Pam and Eric speak in Swedish. Eric, looking Sookie over says that she would make a nice addition to their “little zoo” and Pam affirms this.

  5. Lillith, THANK YOU! I totally forgot to add that part in and then when I realized it, I thought why bother when I had no clue what they’d said.

    Trish and Ames – thanks! I’m glad you like the summary. :) I really hope the show continues too! And yeah, Eric is not instantly grabbing me, not like Moyer did as Bill. But like I said, he’s better on screen than in photos. He looks awkward in photos.

    Ladytink – aren’t Sundays great again? LOL!

  6. It wasn’t taras appartment that sam went into and it wasn’t tara who got killed, it was dawn

  7. Thanks, Kendall – and I knew that. In fact, I caught that typo when I made my first draft, fixed it, and thought WordPress had saved the fix when I previewed the post – I swear lol. It’s not the first time WordPress did not save my edits though. If you look at the beginning of my summary, you’ll see I did know it was Dawn…something just went screwy in the damn save function.

    But it’s fixed now. All should be freakin’ great.

  8. Thanks for the recap! I have never read the books so it helps to get that extra knowledge from you about the town and the characters. I will admit that I found the pilot lacking and could not stand Tara’s accent…but as the show has progressed I have just been enthralled. It is hands down my new favorite. Being blonde… totally being Sookie in her Merlotte’s uniform for Halloween. Are there any other True Blood related sites that you look at yourself? Other blogs? I like to check a couple of different ones… I am specifically looking for some analytical ones… but now I am thinking that would really come more from the book related sites , wouldn’t it? Hm. Well thank you once more… I will be sure to check back soon for a recap of tonight’s… I found it to be the best yet. : )

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