Holy Tairen Soul!

Lookie what came in the mail yesterday but I did not discover till today because tropical storm Fay was storming all over our asses yesterday?!

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you so much to C.L. Wilson, who didn’t have any ARCs left but sent a note to her publisher. Thank you Dorchester/Leisure books! Let’s see, I’d also like to thank my daughter, whose wee head that is in the foreground. I told her she was not ready for blog fame yet. I’d like to thank my husband, who retrieved the mail, the mailman for closing the damn mailbox for once when it’s been raining, tropical storm Fay for raining all over our parade but in essence giving me some blessed time to read since I couldn’t go anywhere, my mom and dad – just cuz….fangirl dance and book reader diva wave! (that sorta be like the pageant wave; elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist)

Here’s to you and I, Rain! Tonight. In bed. Rrrrrooowwwwrrrr!

Edit to add big sad: The last book, Queen of Song and Souls is now pushed back to June 2, 2009, instead of February 2009. Will keep chin up with some kind of tape/wire/bungee cord apparatus.

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  1. Ana, I can believe it – you and Thea are much busier with all the ARCs you get and the review requests. I am pretty darn sure you’ll have it read before release date. Yall amaze me with your commitment to your blog.

  2. I amaze myself LOL. I was just reading at the gym whilst walking on the tread mill. I felt the eyes staring at me…LOL.

    Have you started it yet?? and Delicious? any thoughts? I want to read that one next but am scared don’t know why….

  3. I looked a couple posts down where I promised what I’d be doing this week on Lurv, thought “You’re really going to do ALL that?”

    LOL! Time permitting.

    I started both KoSaS and Delicious. I am as sucked right in witht he first as I was the other two. I was a bad hostess to Rain in bed last night, started to fall asleeep and did not get as far as I’d have liked. Delicious is wittya nd I love the play on Cinderella and such. Not sure yet that the hero will be very memorable for me, but the heroine is a stitch.

    Don’t be scared! Dive right in. :D

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