Lover Enshrined: The Reviews Are A-Trickling In

Thanks to some people on my message board, I’ve been notified of two reviews that will probably be largely well known and read by the end of the day, if they’re not already. But since I’m getting a lot of hits on my blog for Lover Enshrined spoilers (sorry, no ARC here folks), I’ll list out for folks some links to follow and ooh and ahh and gasp and headwall, whatever floats your boats. Beware of potential spoilers! I haven’t read all of them myself, so I’m not sure how much or little is given away in any of them. Other than that, let the speculations fly, the crazy theories abound and the excitement froth-eth over.

Those are all I know of ATM. Let loose. Drool, rave, rant and sigh. It’s full on Brotherhood crack time now, baby.

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  1. Lesley, good one, lol.

    I’m cautiously optimistic too, I suppose. Defo won’t be forgetting the slap upside the head I got with Jane. Sigh.

  2. I can’t believe Harriet Klausner still hasn’t reviewed it. A pity. She write SUCH useful reviews. *rolling eyes like mad*

  3. I’m still feeling a tad bit guilty for posting a link of her review of From Dead to Worse, lol. I doubt I’ll be alerting the masses to her LEn one. ;)

  4. Her reviews are just so completely useless. According to her all books are five stars while we know perfectly well it’s not true. IMO the only reasons her reviews ever get useful votes on Amazon is that they are often the very first ones to give any kind of information on the books. And even then, I’ve noticed glaring mistakes in her summaries before.

  5. Oh, I so agree. The mistakes are very obvious and that was the most frustrating part to me.

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  7. Oooohhh, Mary, how you tempt me, lol! I wonder if it has any mistakes in it…

    We should make avoiding spoilers an Olympic sport! I don’t think I’d win, but might be fun trying.

  8. Naw, I’m too afraid I’d get burned :-DD

    You know, I’m really looking forward to the moment I’ve finally read the damn thing so I can go back to read every single line of those reviews and can say “YES! she nailed it perfectly!” or “Er, did she read the same book as me?”(that would probably be Harriet ;-p). I’m eager to see what the big sites like All About Romance and Dear Author are gonna have to say about LEn. Dear Author was spot-on about LU IMO. Especially on the B/V issue.

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